Kgololo Academy

Kgololo Academy is a “KIPP Inspired” Pre-K-12 university preparatory private school that opened its doors in the Alexandra Township, South Africa in 2015. The Alexandra Township is considered to be one of the most economically disenfranchised urban communities in South Africa with few options for overcoming severe poverty. The Academy hopes to serve as a model of educational excellence by providing an option of an exceptional private school education at an affordable cost.

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Kgololo Academy operates as an open-enrollment institution and currently serves over 80 students across three classes (one Kindergarten and two first grade). Kgololo aims to add a new class every year thereby providing its students a robust and stable academic and social environment to prepare them for success in university and beyond. At Kgololo Academy, students have an extended school day and, on average, Kgololo Academy students receive 20% more instructional hours than students in both public and private schools in South Africa.  
The extended school day allows for students in Grades Pre-K to 9 to have two English and two Zulu language blocks, an extended Math block, and time built into the school day for students to participate in extramurals. Even Ground is pleased to welcome Kgololo to our network and looks forward to assisting them in training the next generation of leaders in South Africa. Learn more at Kgololo's website.