Thanda empowers people to create positive change – change in individuals, change in their communities, and eventually changes that impact the world. In 2008, Thanda was founded in South Africa in an effort to fill the gaps for children where social services, schools, and communities had been stretched thin. Today we help over 800 individuals break the cycle of generational poverty.

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Our programmes work in unison to build rural communities that are self-reliant, healthy places where people respect one another and live sustainably.

Programmes & Services

Early Childhood Development: Provides all-day educational activities adapted to the developmental needs of children ages two through four. This programme runs five days a week from our Community Centre and provides learners with three meals each day to ensure that they are well nourished and ready to learn. After-school Education: Aims to develop motivated, life-long learners with the confidence, knowledge and skills to improve both their own lives and their communities. Our model uses existing resources cost-effectively: sessions take place in empty classrooms at local schools, and members from the community are hired and trained to become Educational Facilitators. Agriculture Development: Seeks to reduce food insecurity and malnutrition, build self-reliance among cash-dependent communities, and encourage local enterprise development. To learn more, visit