We focus on giving support to children within rural communities of the Ugu district in South Africa, no matter what their disability, learning problem or circumstances may be, to help unlock their full potential and overcome any barriers preventing success.

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Our Principles:

  • We believe that ‘all children can learn’. We support children with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties, including those with profound disabilities and supporting them to unlock their potential.
  • Prevention and early intervention: Promotion of inclusive activities early in a child’s life enhances learning and ensures greater success in later developmental stages.  This is done through the development of appropriate programmes guided by an Individual Support Plan.
  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with government departments at local and district level towards strengthening accountability and effective service provision.  These include Depts. of Social Development, Education and Health and SASSA.  We are also involved in strengthening networks with community programmes and NGOs including  EPWP, CWP, NAG, Ilifa Labantwana, Masakhane, Singakwenza and LETCEE.
  • Use of available resources: Following a process of community mapping we work towards building on existing resources and assets.   We are committed to community strengthening through the use of locally based support, including facilitating links to SASSA for grants and to local clinics for therapy and assistive devices.
  • Working towards sustainability through initiatives such as our second hand clothing shop to support monthly expenses, access to IDT stipends from EPWP, use of government services, like therapy at local clinics, partnering with local businesses and community initiatives, and the use of waste to make resources.
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