Dukathole Scholarship Fund

The Dukathole Scholarship Fund provides education scholarships to children growing up in the Dukathole informal settlement outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, enabling them to become educated, confident, successful young adults who have the tools and desire to play a positive role in the future of South Africa and the world.

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Dukathole is an informal housing settlement where close to 30,000 people live in extreme poverty and have limited access to proper nutrition, clean water, health care and education. Many children in Dikatole are orphaned by HIV/AIDS or simply abandoned. The Dukathole Scholarship Fund's founders made a commitment to 13 first grade students in 2006 that they would fund their schooling through high school.
Believing that education is crucial to helping children escape the local low-wage, unstable and exploitative labor, DSF also supports 80 children at a homework center in Dukathole. Through these programs, children grow up with enhanced employment opportunities, strong ties to their community, and improved self-esteem. For more information visit dukatholescholars.wix.com/dukathole.